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LAST CHRISTMAS - (George Michael) - Kotaro Oshio

As performed by Kotaro Oshio in the YT video published in 2007.

In the original video I noticed some slight discrepancies between the fingering shown in the images and what is heard in the audio. The transcription accurately follows the audio.

"Last Christmas" is a song commonly attributed to George Michael, released by english pop duo "Wham!" in December 1984 on a double A-side with "Everything She Wants". The song was part of 1986 album "Music From The Edge Of Heaven".

Kotaro Oshio recorded a studio version of "Last Christmas" in his 2006 album "Blue Sky".

009 - Last Christmas - Kotaro Oshio

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BUY transcription with tabs in PDF files and/or read only GP file (Guitar Pro 7 needed)

This is the original performance used for transcription.

In the Radons Atremble GUITARMIDI video you can check the transcription accuracy.

In the Radons Atremble GUITAROKE video you can see tablature, synchronized with the global front view of the execution, at the original speed.

In the Radons Atremble GUITARTUT video you can see tablature, synchronized with detailed views of the execution, slowed down to 50% of the original speed.