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Solo fingerpicking guitar arrangement of "MESSAGE TO A FRIEND" as performed by Pat Metheny live at the Mountain Winery, Saratoga, Ca. in July 21-23 1998, during the "Imaginary Day" tour with Pat Metheny Group.

"Message To A Friend" is a Pat Metheny's composition, first time appeared in 1994 in the album "I Can See Your House From Here" (Blue Note), played with John Scofield, with the title "Message To My Friend".

Three years later it appears on the album "Beyond the Missouri Sky (Shoert Stories)" played with Charlie Haden:

"Pat Metheny's - Message To A Friend - was written with Charlie in mind. - The way the bass line moves on this is very Charlie-ish, - declares Pat. - I had originally written this for the record I did with John Scorield. At one point there was talk about Charlie doing that record, too, so I was thinking of him." [from notes published in the CD "Beyond the Missouri Sky (Shoert Stories)" - Charlie Haden  Pat Metheny - 1997 - Verve Records ]

013 - Message To A Friend - Pat Metheny

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