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POLSKIE DROGI - (Andrzej Kurylewicz) - Pat Metheny

Solo fingerpicking guitar arrangement of "POLSKIE DROGI" ("Polish Roads" literally or "Polish Story" in the meaning) as performed by Pat Metheny live at Congress Concert Hall in Warsaw, December 09, 2002, with Anna Maria Jopek and Friends.

Polskie Drogi was written by Andrzej Kurylewicz (1932 - 2007), a polish composer, pianist, trombonist, trumpet player and conductor, in 1976 as the main theme for the homonymous polish TV series.

In the original Pat Metheny's live performance he plays the Little Manzer Steel string tuned in G#-D#-B-F#-C#. This transcription is for a standard Steel string guitar in standard tuning with capo at 4th fret, getting the same result.

Polskie Drogi was later released in a studio version on CD "Pat Metheny & Anna Maria Jopek - Upojenie" in 2008

012 - Polskie Drogi - Pat Metheny

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BUY transcription with tabs in PDF files and/or read only GP file (Guitar Pro 7 needed)

Here you can play the video of the original performance synchronized with the Radons Atremble's GUITARMIDI video and check the transcription accuracy in the best way.

First click each video to start buffering. Then use bar controls (bar can be moved by dragging it). You can expand to full screen and choose which audio to listen by clicking on the speaker icons at the top, or adjust the volume separately by youtube controls. If use the cursor to move in the video, click on the "Resync" icon in the bar before restarting.

Thanks to RedBanHammer for his multiple YouTube viewer ViewSync.

In the Radons Atremble GUITAROKE video you can see tablature, synchronized with the global front view of the execution, at the original speed.

In the Radons Atremble GUITARTUT video you can see tablature, synchronized with detailed views of the execution, slowed down to 50% of the original speed.