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STRUTTIN' - (Jerry Reed) - Tommy Emmanuel

As performed by Tommy Emmanuel live at Kendal in 2012.

For those like me who have 'human pinkies', I've changed the original left fingering, to avoid the bars with the little finger on four strings, as TE plays (look at first position in the original video).

The solo guitar song "Struttin'" appeared for the first time in 1975 in the album "Mind Your Love" by his composer Jerry Reed, and soon became a standard of fingerpicking guitar, played by many fingerpicking guitarists including Chet Atkins, Buster B. Jones, John Knowles, Richard Smith and of course Tommy Emmanuel who often plays it in his live performances.

005 -Struttin' - Tommy Emmanuel

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This is the original performance used for transcription.

In the Radons Atremble GUITARMIDI video you can check the transcription accuracy.

In the Radons Atremble GUITAROKE video you can see tablature, synchronized with the global front view of the execution, at the original speed.

In the Radons Atremble GUITARTUT video you can see tablature, synchronized with detailed views of the execution, slowed down to 50% of the original speed.